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Directory listing not allowed. To download xsd2code, please go directly to www.xsd2code.com or https://download.xsd2code.com/xsd2code.exe. Download and installation instructions -------------------------------------- To install xsd2code++ Plugin for Visual Studio, you need to do the following : - Exit all running Visual Studio instances. - Download xsd2code++. - After download run the seft-installing exe file. - During the installation, you will be prompted which versions of Visual Studio to install xsd2code++. Choose appropriate versions and proceed with installation. - You will be able to evaluate xsd2code++ for 15 days for free or enter your license key file. After installation, to unlock the software and begin your trial, simply request a free evaluation key from the visual studio menu TOOLS | xsd2code About | Get Trial license. Our license server will immediately email you a FREE 15-day trial license key file that unlocks the software with all features fully enabled (no limitations). Uninstallation instructions --------------------------- Exit Visual Studio completely, open the Windows Control Panel and then, On Windows 8, 10 go to "Programs -> Programs and Features", select xsd2code++ and click click Uninstall. On Windows XP (or below), double-click "Add or Remove Programs" Select "xsd2code++ " in the list of installed programs and click "Remove" to run the uninstaller. Even if the uninstall fails, as it may in some cases, continue on with the rest of the uninstall instructions : - Remove xsd2code++ Installation directory located here, by default: C:\Program files\xsd2code or, on 64-bit Windows, C:\Program Files (x86)\xsd2code. - Remove all xsd2code.* files from My documents\Visual Studio \Addins folder. - Remove user profile data by removing directory : %appdata%\xsd2code. - The xsd2code++ uninstall will leave some Windows registry entries. Normally, these extra entries are harmless and it is not necessary to remove them. Note: Registry editing is a potentially hazardous undertaking. Extra entries are located in the following key : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\xsd2Code.